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Messorio, first produced in 1994, Messorio was a personal challenge with one of the most planted varieties in Bolgheri, on the Tuscan coast, and in the world: Merlot. From the start, the idea was to transform the best bunches into an impactful wine with a lot of personality, staying as far away as possible from the more soft, predictable style that is often associated with Merlot and instead making a thoroughbred eager to win the race. The name “messorio” refers to the wheat harvest, one of the most fundamental parts of the agricultural cycle.

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Wines | Messorio | 2015

Harvest Reports

Harvest 2015 is rightly ranked as one of the best ever. A mild winter season and rainfall in the average range. Excellent spring weather conditions: cold at first and then steady temperatures, large night/day temperature swings and good rainfall. In June, we had a taste of summer: high temperatures around 32 degrees and no rain at all. Good night/day temperature swings, with a night temperature of 20 degrees and soils which made good use of the water supply stored throughout 2014 and in the first three months of 2015. In July, typical summer temperature with night temperatures below average, steady breeze and lack of rainfall. Work in the vineyards focused on preserving the canopy’s freshness, without topping the vines and by working the surface soil, before the veraison process set in. Atypical weather for August, fresher and steadier than usual with good rainfall (80 mm), which led to a slow and constant ripening of the perfectly healthy grapes. The season was completed with an ideal september: temperatures, night/day temperature swings, sunlight, rainfall, everything was perfectly balanced to allow the grapes to reach the best ripeness condition. ->

Technical Sheets

Denomination: Toscana IGT

First Vintage: 1994

Grape varieties: Merlot 100%

Vineyards: Vignone 1999, Puntone 1994

Training System: guyot and double cordon spur

Yield: 800 gr per plant

Harvest period: 1st and 2nd week of September

Winemaking: fermentation and maceration for 25 days, a part in steel tanks and a part in concrete

Aging: 18 months in new oak barriques

Bottling: July 28, 2017

Le Macchiole - Messorio