Le Macchiole
Bolgheri, 08:27 A.M.

Paleo Rosso

First produced in 1989, this incredible wine is the symbol of the winery, and it truly epitomizes Bolgheri. At first, the wine was a classic Bordeaux blend but became a Cabernet Franc monovarietal in 2001; since then, it has been a huge success. The name “paleo” refers to a wild herb found on the Tuscan coast, and it symbolizes a strong local identity and the will to reach all goals.

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Wines | Paleo Rosso | 1998

Harvest Reports

A winter season with abundant rainfall and mild temperatures followed by a temperate and dry start to spring led to early budbreak and to an early start to the growth cycle, which then went back to normal with rainfall in May. June, which was very hot, sped up the growth cycle again. The months of July and August were very hot and sunny, with above-average temperatures. Ripening was performed about one week ahead of normal schedule. ->

Technical Sheets

Denomination: Bolgheri Rosso Superiore DOC

First Vintage: 1989

Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon 90%, Cabernet Franc 5%, Sangiovese 5%

Vineyards: Madonnina 1977, Contessine 1984, Puntone 1993

Training System: double cordon spur and single guyot

Yield: 1000 gr per plant

Harvest period: 1st week of September

Winemaking: fermentation and maceration for 16 days in steel tanks

Aging: 18 months 100% in new oak barriques

Bottling: April 2016

Le Macchiole - Paleo Rosso