Azienda We are in Bolgheri, Tuscany, on the Etruscan Coast. In this magical place, where rolling hills are blanketed by forest, where vineyards and olive trees meet with the Tyrrhenian Sea, Le Macchiole has taken shape over time.


Wine is made in the vineyards, but also meticulous management of the winemaking stage is essential to achieve quality. Experimentation is ceaseless: separate vinification of each vineyard plot by using methods that respect each vintage’s climate trend and length of aging varying according to the character of every single wine. This is the only way to make wines with personality.

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Amici del Paleo

Amici del Paleo

For the true lovers, a few small clues suffice to identify it. This is Paleo Rosso. If you, too, are among them, for you we have created the Paleo Club. Here we will keep you current on all the news about the wine you love, provide the opportunity to participate in exclusive first tastings of the new vintages, as well as inclusion in live events allowing you to experience Le Macchiole more in depth while meeting others who share your passion.
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Strada Provinciale 16B Bolgherese, 189/A - 57022 Castagneto Carducci (LI) - Italia
Phone +39 0565 766092 - Fax +39 0565 763240
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