Le Macchiole
Castiglioncello di Bolgheri, 07:31 A.M.


We are in Bolgheri, precisely in Tuscany (Costa degli Etruschi).
In this magical land, where rolling hills covered by forests, vineyards and olive trees face the Tirrenian Sea,
Le Macchiole winery took shape through time.

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Le Macchiole’s style is intimately related to the terroir in Bolgheri that leads to unique, original wines with great character...

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A journey through Le Macchiole winery, a tour which will let you see all the passion and care that we pour into our wines...

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Le Macchiole - Projects


Wine is never just wine; it is made up of stories, places, and community. With that in mind, Le Macchiole has created a number of projects that bring together wine, poetry, history, places, and people...

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