Le Macchiole

1989-2009 - Paleo turns 20!

The year 2012 was dedicated to Paleo’s twentieth anniversary and saw numerous activities all in celebration our 100% Cabernet Franc, the wine that has come to symbolize Le Macchiole. Complete vertical tastings of all vintages of the wine took place throughout Italy and around the world, complete with a photography exhibit created specifically for this special anniversary by Maurizio Gjivovich. The theme of the exhibit was people: the people we love and who love us; those who work with us or are in some way part of our daily lives – because Paleo is a wine for everyone. During this celebratory year the Paleo Club was created, and it is a place – both virtual and physical – where all who love this wine can come together. The club is still active today and always offers new and interesting initiatives.

Le Macchiole - Separator

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