Le Macchiole
Bolgheri, 09:51 A.M.


This deep, spicy red was first produced in 1994, and the inspiration for its creation was the desire to produce a 100% Syrah, one of Le Macchiole’s favorite grapes. Rare and original and produced in very small quantities, Scrio quickly became a benchmark in Bolgheri. The name of the wine, inspired by a Tuscan expression that means “pure, candid, whole,” perfectly describes its defining characteristics.

Le Macchiole - Separator

Wines | Scrio | 2003

Harvest Reports

The 2003 weather conditions were extreme and exceptional. Following a very wet and cold 2002 autumn and winter, spring and summer were among the hottest and driest ever recorded in Bolgheri. In summer, the very high temperatures led to early ripening of the grapes, preventing them from reaching complete phenolic maturation. The best results were achieved in the vineyards growing in soils with high clay content. A period of good weather during harvesting, including normal night-day temperature swings, allowed the grapes to achieve a satisfactory ripeness. ->

Technical Sheet

Denomination: Toscana IGT

First Vintage: 1994

Grape varieties: Syrah 100%

Vineyards: Contessine 1983, Puntone 1994

Training System: double cordon spur and guyot

Yield: 1200 gr per plant

Harvest period: 2nd week of September

Winemaking: fermentation and maceration for 20 days in steel tanks

Aging: 16 months in new oak barriques

Bottling: June 2005

Le Macchiole - Scrio