Le Macchiole
Bolgheri, 09:51 A.M.


This deep, spicy red was first produced in 1994, and the inspiration for its creation was the desire to produce a 100% Syrah, one of Le Macchiole’s favorite grapes. Rare and original and produced in very small quantities, Scrio quickly became a benchmark in Bolgheri. The name of the wine, inspired by a Tuscan expression that means “pure, candid, whole,” perfectly describes its defining characteristics.

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Wines | Scrio | 2013

Harvest Reports

A vintage of the highest quality due to the year’s special weather conditions and to a careful management of the vineyards. After a rainy winter season, spring weather was cool throughout late May, which slowed down the grapes’ flowering and growth for about 10-15 days leading to uneven flowering and, consequently, to a lower grape yield. Temperatures began to rise around mid-July, with large night-day temperature variation. The veraison process got off to a slow start in late July. The slow and even ripening of the clusters led to perfect phenolic maturation and development of a great varietal character. ->

Technical Sheet

Denomination: Toscana IGT

First Vintage: 1994

Grape varieties: Syrah 100%

Vineyards: Puntone 1994, Madonnina 2002

Training System: double cordon spur and guyot

Yield: 800 gr per plant

Harvest period: 2nd week of September

Winemaking: fermentation and maceration for 20 days in steel tanks

Aging: 20 months, 75% in new tonneaux and 25% in 2nd-use barriques

Bottling: July 10, 2015

Le Macchiole - Scrio